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Accumulator batteries for the mining and processing industry

Alkaline accumulator batteries for mining and processing industry are mainly applied on rolling stock.

Rolling stock of the mining and metallurgical complex

Alkaline accumulator batteries of the KH range are utilized on shunting and mainline locomotives and on electric locomotives.

Besides, the accumulator batteries of the KL and KGL range can be utilized as a backup power supply for the control systems, wireless communication, and floor-level electric transport.

Project on ОПЭ1АМ locomotive unit modernization

ОПЭ1АМ locomotive unit is the electric locomotive of single-phased, industrial, self-contained, and upgraded version. It is comprised of an electric locomotive, diesel-run power station, and one motorized self-dumping car.

Until recently, the expensive lead-acid accumulator batteries were installed on this traction unit. The modernization project was implemented in collaboration with Konotop Repair Factory that resulted in substituting of expensive lead-acid batteries with consumer- grade nickel-cadmium ones of the KM range (6х7 КМ140Р).

In view of this, a customer obtains the technology with upgraded technical capabilities and a longer warranty period (5 years).

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Industrial electric locomotive Mainline electric locomotive Open field of the mining and metallurgical complex

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