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Productive batteries for autonomous solar power plants in Ukraine - the best choice from "ADS"

The number of solar power plants is constantly growing, along with this, interest in storage batteries (accumulators) is growing. It is the use of rechargeable batteries at autonomous solar power plants that ensures the uninterrupted operation of equipment on a day with low solar insolation and at night. The company "ADS" produces batteries for solar power plants in Ukraine, using high quality components. In our catalog you will find a wide range of this equipment at the best prices for the buyer.

Why do you need batteries in solar power systemsLithium-ion batteries for solar power plants

In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment during low solar insolation or its absence, electricity must be somehow saved. Actually, for this purpose - storage of electricity, and rechargeable batteries are used. The batteries are charged from the sun by converting solar energy into electrical energy using photovoltaic modules and an inverter. Thus, the energy is stored in the battery and can be used by the consumer at the time he needs.

The battery for a solar power plant must be selected very responsibly. The batteries must be safe, without gases harmful to humans and equipment, to provide a large number of charge-discharge cycles. Experts recommend opting for lithium-ion devices, which have a number of advantages over other electrochemical circuits.

Lithium-ion batteries for solar power plants advantages of working with them

Lithium-ion batteries with iron phosphate cathode (LiFePO4) have the following advantages:

In addition, the solar lithium batteries are maintenance-free and equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS), which makes them as safe to use as possible.

Why buy batteries for solar power plants in "ADS" is the best choice

The ADS company specializes in the development and implementation of innovative energy storage technologies.

ADS company offers the following advantages of cooperation:

Here you can buy rechargeable batteries for SPP quickly and at the best price. To order, fill out the feedback form or call us at the indicated contact numbers.

Lithium-ion batteries for solar power plants

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Nickel-cadmium accumulator batteries are highly requested where the following is required:

  • Extended service life
  • Heavy-duty service
  • Top reliability
  • Restricted control


The product range is certified in Ukraine


3-5 years, depending on the type of accumulator

Service life

20-25 years at permanent sites, 10-15 years on transport carriers