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Accumulator batteries implemented for floor-level electric transport

Nickel-cadmium accumulator batteries

The traction accumulator batteries of the KL, KM, FL, and TNZH range are widely implemented as the major power sources for forklifts, forklift trucks, stacking conveyors, carts, and other electric traction equipment.

Energy-plus battery with unchanged overall dimensions enables to obtain more power and extend service life of an electric engine.

The accumulator batteries of enhanced reliability enable us to hold the same capacity at differential temperatures, and by this to extend service life for 2-4 years compared to lead acid alternative.

Upon a customer’s request, the accumulator batteries can be equipped with an LED indicator to control their behavior, and by this to extend the service life. The accumulator batteries manufactured by LLC ADS exhibit a longer lasting battery life and can be installed on any lifting equipment.

Electric car

Lithium-ion accumulator batteries

Prismatic lithium-ion accumulator batteries with high energy storage capacity containing ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) as cathode material were developed to be the batteries particularly for energy storage systems and electric transport due to the high value of stored energy and high rating of cycles. Based on the evaluation of first implemented projects, LiFePO4 accumulator batteries can be effectively used as traction batteries to provide power for warehouse equipment and other floor-level equipment.

The utilization of technological equipment can be effectively enhanced with lithium-ion batteries.

The lithium-ion battery of LT range is an advanced solution of the Company.

The high efficiency factor, highest energy storage capacity, light weight, small dimensions, multiple cycles, and no need for specific maintenance are their outstanding features.


  • Round-the-clock operation of lifting equipment
  • Public gathering places, food storage areas
  • Rapid- charge rate
  • Weight and size are important considerations
  • Lack of area for charging
  • Partial charge

Electric forklift

Electric forklift

LT (LiFePO4)LT (LiFePO4)

LT (LiFePO4)

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FL rangeFL range

FL range

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KM rangeKM range

KM range

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KL rangeKL range

KL range

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