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Accumulator batteries implemented for communication facilities and emergency power supply

Remote ControlAccumulator batteries of the KL, KPL, KM, KPM, KGL, KGM range for communication facilities

Ability of the battery to be discharged with a steady current over a long time is highly required, particularly for this industry.

As a rule, accumulators of the KL range are being implemented for this industry. KL-70, KL-80, and KL-125 battery banks are widely utilized as a backup or emergency power supply in navy, aviation, and industrial sites. The accumulator batteries power various communication and alarm systems like IP telephony, call bell, fire alarm, etc. Accumulator batteries of the KL and KGL range can be utilized as a backup power supply for dispatching equipment. Accumulator batteries of the KL and KGL range are utilized as a steady current source for automation, telemetry and communication systems on the railway.

We manufacture the accumulators for communication and backup power supply with operational life up to 25 years.

Accumulator batteries implemented for high capacity backup power supply​Communication batteries

The specific ability of the KH and KPH range is the high discharge current (10C) over a short time period.

Accumulator batteries of the KH and KPH range are utilized as a backup power supply in an industrial uninterrupted power supply system for the high capacity technological equipment over a short time period, between 10 and 30 minutes.

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