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Traction batteries for autonomous trolleybus runningTraction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses

Our company LLC "ADS" has many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of nickel-cadmium storage batteries (AKB) to ensure the autonomous running of the trolleybus. Initially, the design team of our enterprise was faced with the task of developing a battery for emergency autonomous running of a trolleybus with a length of 5 km. And this was quite enough to meet the needs of trolleybus manufacturers.

Today our company can offer customers lithium-ion storage batteries for autonomous running of trolleybuses with much longer autonomous running. At the same time, the most popular distances are 5, 10, 20 km. When designing the battery, it is no coincidence that the material of the cathode of the batteries was chosen iron phosphate. The use of this material is considered the safest according to experts. The high energy density, relatively small dimensions and weight of the batteries allow the trolleybus to run autonomously at a distance of up to 70 km, while maintaining high technical and economic indicators.

Why install a traction lithium-ion battery on a trolleybus?

Thanks to the use of a lithium-ion battery, the trolleybus can travel up to 70 km without an overhead line. Then, when the trolleybus moves under the contact network for one to two hours, the battery is fully charged and the vehicle can cover the same distance.

The use of a traction lithium-ion battery makes it possible to expand the capabilities of existing trolleybus lines in cities, since, in the routes of trolley buses, it is possible to include arrivals to new residential neighborhoods, suburbs and at the same time not to "pull" a new contact network with the entire infrastructure there, and this significantly saves city ​​budgets.

Traction batteries for electric busesTraction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses

The electric bus is a relatively new type of urban transport for our country. An electric bus is an autonomous trackless mechanical vehicle intended for the carriage of passengers, driven by a traction electric drive, for which electric energy is stored and stored on board in a storage device. As a storage device and at the same time a source of electricity for the operation of an electric bus, a traction lithium-ion rechargeable battery of large capacity is used, which is located on the roof, under the body, in the rear compartment, etc.

According to the design principle and the equipment used, an electric bus is in many ways similar to a trolleybus, and in general concept - to an electric vehicle (if you do not take into account the size and power of the electric drive).

From the point of view of using a battery, an electric bus needs a traction battery with a much larger energy reserve than to ensure the autonomous running of a trolleybus. This is due to the need to ensure the movement of an electric bus along a route with a length of 250-300 km on one battery charge. As well as for autonomous trolleybus batteries, the electric bus uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with an iron phosphate cathode (LiFePO4 or lithium-iron phosphate batteries). It is this type of battery that is considered the safest, most environmentally friendly, durable and less toxic when recycled.

Benefits of using traction lithium-ion batteries for electric vehiclesTraction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses

According to the general opinion of experts, the use of traction lithium-ion batteries in urban transport has the following advantages:

The experience of our country, the experience of European countries, neighboring countries and China shows that such vehicles can be successfully used as transport vehicles from satellite cities to metro stations in megacities, as well as in modes of intracity passenger transportation.

Traction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses: buy in ADS LLC - the optimal solution to the price / quality issue

Our company is engaged in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. In the manufacture, only reliable and high-quality materials are used, which guarantee long-term operation without breakdowns. In order to meet the needs of each client, we regularly develop and improve.

Why do customers choose ADS LLC:Traction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses

We are ready to develop a personal solution for each client and offer a flexible list of characteristics for your project. You will be able to independently choose the dimensions, charging time and mileage, as well as other characteristics.

If you are going to purchase traction batteries for trolleybuses and electric buses in Ukraine, we recommend that you contact our specialists for advice. If you have any questions, contact the managers using the contact information.

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Nickel-cadmium accumulator batteries are highly requested where the following is required:

  • Extended service life
  • Heavy-duty service
  • Top reliability
  • Restricted control


The product range is certified in Ukraine


3-5 years, depending on the type of accumulator

Service life

20-25 years at permanent sites, 10-15 years on transport carriers