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Batteries for communication systems: price and quality - the best combination from the ADS company

Modern communication systems place high demands on the reliability and high efficiency of the equipment used. A malfunction due to power outages will lead to damage to expensive equipment and emergency shutdown of subscribers. That is why, in addition to high-quality power systems, it is required to use rechargeable batteries (accumulators) that can withstand extreme operating conditions. The company "ADS" offers to buy batteries for communication systems, the price of which is favorable and affordable. Here you will find a wide range of high quality devices.

Why choose lithium-ion batteries

For a long time, lead-acid batteries have been used in uninterruptible power supplies. But now manufacturers around the world are choosing lithium-ion counterparts, and this is not surprising. Such devices are safer, more environmentally friendly and have a long service life. Their cost has almost approached the cost of lead-acid batteries, but the number of cycles is almost 10-12 times higher (for lead-acid - about 500-600, and for lithium-ion - about 7000 charge-discharge cycles).

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Lithium iron phosphate batteries differ in a number of performance indicators:

It is possible to buy lithium-ion batteries for the base station for use in various temperature conditions (wide temperature range of use). The equipment is not afraid of deep discharge, batteries can be installed in different positions.

The company "ADS" is the best manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for base stations of cellular communication in Ukraine

Our company specializes in innovative energy storage technologies.

By contacting "ADS", you get:

LLC "ADS" is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for base stations of cellular communications, therefore we do not overstate the prices for equipment. Contact us to order quality, certified products. To do this, call the contact numbers or fill out the feedback form.

 Batteries for communication systems       Batteries for communication systems

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Nickel-cadmium accumulator batteries are highly requested where the following is required:

  • Extended service life
  • Heavy-duty service
  • Top reliability
  • Restricted control


The product range is certified in Ukraine


3-5 years, depending on the type of accumulator

Service life

20-25 years at permanent sites, 10-15 years on transport carriers